• Center Student Researchers Jordan Brunner, Alexa Magee, Patrick Orion, Adam Silow and Alyssa Sims meet with Tom Ricks of New America before his talk at ASU as part of the Center Spring Speakers’ Series.

  • Robert Ford, former U.S. Ambassador to Syria presenting keynote address at Examining the Crisis in Syria, Washington, DC.

  • Peter Bergen, Center Co-Director speaks with Pakistan Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raheel Sharif, New America.

  • Rosa Brooks, ASU Future of War Fellow and Professor, Georgetown University Law Center speaks on “How War Became Everything,” Private dinner.

  • “Media Portrayal of the Conflict” with Hannah Allam, McClatchy Newspapers, Peter Baker, White House Correspondent, New York Times, Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Washington Post, Honey Al-Sayed, ROYA Association, moderated by Peter Bergen, Center Co-Director at Examining the Crisis in Syria, Washington, DC.

  • Shane Harris discusses his book @War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex with Peter Bergen, Center Co-Director, New America.

  • Discussion of ISIS: State of Terror with author J.M. Berger as well as Douglas Ollivant, ASU Future of War Senior Fellow and Tara Maller, Franklin Project, the Aspen Institute, New America.

  • Daniel Rothenberg, Center co-director speaking at the conference “How Do We Know What We Know? Charting the Future for Human Rights Documentation and Analysis,” Arizona State University Art Museum.

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The Center on the Future of War organizes conferences, annual speakers’ series, lectures, and seminars at ASU, in the Phoenix community, and in Washington, D.C. These efforts highlight the work of Center faculty affiliates, link the university with New America, and support ASU innovation and scholarship. They also connect ASU faculty and students as well as the larger community with nationally known experts, emerging research and thoughtful commentary. Center events are designed to stimulate public debate and discussion on global politics and security and cover a variety of issues related to the changing character of war and conflict.