Events in Arizona

Since 2014, the Center has organized around 100 events in Arizona, reaching over 5,000 faculty, staff, students, and community members. Most events are held at ASU (Tempe and downtown campuses), but some have been at other public venues, like the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. From March 2020 on, these events have been held virtually.

Speakers at Center events have included academics from multiple fields, prominent journalists, human rights researchers, current and former military, as well as ASU Future Security Fellows at New America, Center Faculty, Center Faculty Affiliates, and global security thought leaders working on various Center projects.

Upcoming ASU events

Fall 2023 Speaker Series

Fancy Bear Goes Phishing: How the Russians Hacked the DNC and Why It Happened

September 28, 2023 | Online

Scott Shapiro

Charles F. Southmayd Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy at Yale Law School

When Will the US Provide Promised Condolence Payments to Survivors of Military Operations from the Post-9/11 Wars

October 12, 2023 | Online

Joanna Naples-Mitchell, Director, Program on Redress for Survivors of U.S. and Coalition Airstrikes, Zomia Center

Will Putin be Prosecuted for War Crimes?: The Future of Investigations into International Law Violations in Ukraine

November 07, 2023 | Online

David Scheffer, Professor of Practice, FSI, first US Ambassador at large for War Crimes

Will the US Experience a Devastating Cyber Attack and What Can be Done to Protect Our Nation?

November 09, 2023 | Online

MajGen Lorna Mahlock USMC

Deputy Director for Combat Support
National Security Agency
Cybersecurity Directorate

LtGen Robert Schmidle USMC (ret)

Professor of Practice, FSI…

Why Women Play such a Key Role in Iran’s Protest Movement

November 28, 2023 | Online

Azadeh Moaveni, Director, Global Journalism Program, Associate Professor of Journalism, New York University and author of multiple books on Iran and women’s rights.

Center speakers have included:

Rosa Brooks, Scott K. Ginsburg Chair in Law and Policy, Georgetown University Law Center; Iona Craig, ASU Future of War Fellow at New America and award-wining journalist covering Yemen; Noah Feldman, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; Bishop Garrison, Senior Adviser to Secretary of Defense for Human Capital, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Joshua Geltzer, former ASU Future of War Fellow at New America and Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Homeland Security Advisor; Karen Greenberg, Director, Center on National Security, Fordham Law; Sarah Holewinski, DC Washington Director, Human Rights Watch; Theodore R. Johnson, Senior Fellow, Director of the Fellows Program, Brennan Center for Justice; Paul Kahn, Robert W. Winner Professor of Law and the Humanities, Yale Law School; Pardis Mahdavi, Dean of Social Sciences, ASU; Samuel Moyn, Henry R. Luce Professor of Jurisprudence at Yale Law School; Cecilia Muñoz, Senior Advisor, New America, MacArthur Fellow; Mi-Ai Parrish, Professor for Media Innovation and Leadership at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and former President and Publisher of USA Today Network Arizona; Tom Ricks, ASU Future of War Senior Fellow and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Scott A. Silverstone, professor of international relations at West Point, Richard Wilson, Gladstein Distinguished Chair of Human Rights and Professor of Law and Anthropology at UConn School of Law; and David Wood, 2012 Pulitzer Prize recipient, among others,

Events in Washington, DC

The Center co-organizes many events with the New America, our partner institution based in Washington, DC. These talks feature experts from various fields and are managed by the New America’s International Security Program.

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Conferences and workshops

The Center organizes conferences and workshops, held at ASU and in Washington, DC, at New America and in other venues. These events have focused on a variety of issues including moral injury, global special operations, civilian protections during conflict, biosecurity, shifts in the practice and impact of war, the Syrian conflict, new and emerging methods of human rights documentation and analysis, and cybersecurity.

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Community outreach

Center faculty, especially the Center co-directors, often speak to area groups about issues related to global security and international affairs. These include presentations to the many local groups including: the Association of Former Intelligence Officers; Integrated Community Solutions to Active Violence Events; Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ASU; Phoenix Rotary 100; Rio Verde Community; Soroptimist International; Veterans for Peace; Wiseguise, and others.

National and local media

Center faculty, especially the Center co-directors, often appear in AZ media and national media to discuss issues related to armed conflict, global security, terrorism, and international affairs. Co-Director Peter Bergen is a national security analyst at CNN and writes a weekly column on and writes a weekly column on Other Center faculty often appear on national media and present opinions and analysis in various forums. In addition, Center faculty often appear on local media including appearances on: AZ News Radio Network; “Arizona Horizon,” PBS Eight; “Horizonte,” PBS Eight; 12 News NBC; Arizona’s Family 3TV/CBS 5; “Here and Now,” KJZZ; “The Show,” KJZZ; Telemundo Arizona; Mike O’Neil’s “Think Tank,” KTAR Radio, and others.