Center on the Future of War

explores the changing nature of war and conflict

The Center on the Future of War explores the social, political, economic, and cultural implications of the changing character of war and conflict. The Center connects ASU faculty with policymakers and national media, organizes collaborative research projects, produces reports and publications, and designs and implements innovative educational programming.

Our evolving initiatives, publications, and student and community engagement are designed to describe the future of warfare as it evolves over the next decade and beyond, predict its likely impact on the state and other forms of social organization, and develop new paradigms for understanding and addressing conflict and systematic violence. In this way, our work is part of a larger effort to help the U.S. evolve beyond the post-9/11 state of perpetual war by conducting innovative research and analysis and developing creative and context-appropriate policy frameworks.

The Center connects over ninety affiliated ASU faculty from distinct backgrounds and disciplines and multiple university centers and programs with a team of national security experts. It was created in the 2014-2015 academic year and links Arizona State University with New America, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank and civic engagement institution. The Center is supported by ASU’s Office of the President and is based in the School of Politics and Global Studies.

The Rise and Fall of Osama bin Laden